Pay with Cards

You can pay with major credit/debit cards. We guarantee that your details are sent encrypted to ensure total security of any sensitive information.

If your card transaction is approved, the amount will be charged immediately and an order confirmation will be sent to your email address.

If your card transaction isn’t approved, your order will be cancelled. Please contact your bank or card provider if you have any questions about this.

There are two ways to pay:

1 – Direct card payment

Pay in just a few steps:

(1) – Fill in the information fields at the checkout page. Make sure the billing information matches that which is on file with the cardholder, otherwise, your payment will be declined.

(2) – Review/choose the available shipping cost and select Credit Cards as your payment method.

Pay with credit card

(3) – Fill in the fields with your card number and expiration date.

(4) – Review our Terms of Service and check the tick box indicating that you have carefully read and agree to our Terms of Service.

(5) – Click the big red “PLACE ORDER” button to confirm the payment, then you’ll be redirected to order confirmation page and your transaction will be complete.

2 – Pay through PayPal

Pay through PayPal in just a few steps, even without a PayPal account:

(1) – Select PayPal as your payment method at the checkout, review our Terms of Service and click the proceed button. You’ll then be redirected to the PayPal website to proceed with the payment.

Checkout with PayPal

(2) – If you’re already a PayPal customer, you can log in with your user details and confirm the payment.

Pay with PayPal

(3) – If you’re new to PayPal, you can pay with your credit card as a guest without a PayPal account.

PayPal Guest Checkout

(4) – You’ll then return to order confirmation page and your transaction will be complete!

Any trouble with your payments? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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